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Welcome to Life Coach Media. Jeff Wasserman, Life Coach and Media Personality is traveling the country in the Life Coach Bus sharing his secrets for a better life. Jeff believes if you want to improve your life, improve yourself.

If you want to live a better life, change your philosophy on life, which will change your attitude in life, which will help you live a better life. Stop "getting through life and start living life." Isn't it time to create a lifestyle, one full of happiness, contentment, gratitude and love?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a Life Coach as; an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems. Although I may change the definition around just a little, this is a very accurate definition of a Life Coach.

Jeff hosts Life Coach Radio Show, available on Itunes and on line. Click here to listen to Jeff's latest show.

The Life Coach Tour will continue starting in January 2017.  While the Life Coach Bus was parked in a secure lot, the manager of the storage yard hit the Life Coach Bus with his personal trailer.  The Life Coach Bus has been in the repair shop for the last 91 days.  We are working with his insurance company, Geico Insurance to try and resolve the claim.  Once the Life Coach Bus is repaired and ready to travel, I will be on the road again.

To all those who have called, emailed and texted to say they miss seeing me on the road, I want to personally thank you.  The damage to the Life Coach Bus has been devastating to the Life Coach mission. 

See you in 2017.



Life Coach Media is the home of Jeff Wasserman, Life Coach and media personality. Jeff is the voice of Life Coaching, often called upon as a spokesperson for the profession. Jeff is an experienced business owner, media personality, massage therapist, reflexologist and professional Life Coach.

If you are searching for information on Life Coaching or looking to learn more about how Life Coaching can help you, please stay for a while and click on the links to Jeff's other sites and audio recordings. Jeff is currently involved in the 2013 Life Coach Tour. Since August 2011, Jeff has traveled from Dahlonega Georgia to Los Angeles and back in the Life Coach Bus. Recently Jeff took the Life Coach Bus to Gatlinburg Tennessee. Next month, Jeff will be in Florida with the Life Coach Bus and in the fall of 2013, Jeff will have the Life Coach Bus in New York, NY. If you would like to stay in touch with Jeff and the 2013 Life Coach Tour, please visit the Life Coach Media Facebook page and "Like" us. Click here to visit

Jeff has been in the Life Coaching business for over fifteen years, in 2003 Jeff formed Life Coach Marketing to operate the Life Coach businesses. In February 2003, Life Coach College was formed to train individuals and groups using the most modern scientific based Life Coaching skills and tools. In order to bring unity to the Life Coaching profession, Jeff along with several other experienced Life Coaches, created the US Life Coach Association. The USLCA is currently accepting new members and looks forward to growing and eventually becoming the leading trade group in the Life Coach profession.

Life Coach Media was created to bring Life Coaching to the people, to share with the general public the benefits of working with a Life Coach and using Life Coach skills in your daily life. Life Coach Media includes Life Coach Radio, Life Coach TV and Life Coach News. Jeff is currently broadcasting his new radio show, Life Coach Radio Show. The show is available on ITunes and at

Jeff's newest project is the National Coaching Association. Most coaching trade groups or organizations limit coaches based on training, specialities or geographical area. The National Coaching Association will admit any and all coaches, even sports coaches, provided they agree to uphold strict ethical guidelines.

2017 Tour Update

Jeff Wasserman created Life Coach Media to bring you a multi-media Life Coaching Media Station. A place on the web offering Audio, Video and news on Life Coaching, self-help and personal development. Jeff travels the country in the Life Coach Bus sharing his ideas and Life Coaching skills with people who wish to solve problems in their life.

Life Coach Bus The 2012 Life Coach Road Trip started August 22nd, 2011. During the first four months, Jeff Wasserman traveled over 3,000 miles from Dahlonega Georgia to Los Angeles California. Jeff stopped each day and spoke to groups, students and audiences at restaurants and local businesses. Jeff spoke on topics ranging from relationships, career, money, children, family, health, retirement and investing. Life Coaching covers all areas of your life.

Life Coach Radio Show Jeff Wasserman Jeff Wasserman, host of the new Life Coach Radio Show broadcasts his show live from restaurants, special events, fairs, schools, parks, retail stores and hotel lobbies. Jeff is always looking for individuals wishing to be interviewed on his show. Jeff's show covers all areas of your life. Jeff leaves religion and politics to the other talk radio hosts. Life Coach Radio Show is new, interesting and offers helpful insight into what's holding you back from living your authentic life.

Life Coach News Life Coaches are always looking to stay in touch. Life Coaches are life long learners. In 2001, Jeff Wasserman created Life Coach News. Originally a monthly print magazine, following the trends in the magazine business, Life Coach News changed formats in 2005 and went on-line. Today, Life Coach News is the leading Life Coach source for up to date information.

Life Coach TVOriginally designed in 2001 as a source for Life Coach Videos, today Life Coach TV is being relaunched as a news and information channel. Life Coach TV will offer several self-help, Life Coaching shows. Jeff Wasserman will be broadcasting his radio show as well as interviews along his journey. If you remember Charles Kuralt, traveling the back roads for CBS in the FMC motor home, Jeff will be offering similar types of stories as he travels in the Life Coach Bus.

Life Coach Radio Created in 2003, Life Coach Radio is the home for Jeff Wasserman's Life Coach Radio Show. Life Coach Radio will be evolving in 2012, to include other radio shows on self-help, personal growth and personal development. Life Coach Radio will be your one stop source for positive, life changing information and shows.

Life Coach College For those looking to become a Life Coach or learn the necessary coaching skills to be able to help others, Jeff Wasserman started Life Coach College in 2003. Life Coach College offers basic 60 hour coach specific training, required for membership and certification in some professional coaching organizations as well as continuing eduction courses for Life Coaches. Life Coach College also offers coach training for large corporate organizations.

US Life Coach Assoc. The US Life Coach Association was formed in 2003 to allow all Life Coaches with professional coach training to join a Life Coach organization. All members must agree to adhere to the code of ethics of the USLCA. The US Life Coach Association is a national trade marketing organization. The USLCA focuses on bringing coaches and clients together, not lobbying government entities or attempt to become the sole testing organizations for Life Coaches. The US Life Coach Association is only focused on helping coaches become successful and helping individuals get the most out of coaching.

If it involves Life Coaching, Life Coach Marketing Inc, and Life Coach Media will be there to bring you up to date information. Whether you are thinking about becoming a Life Coach or need help marketing your coaching business, Life Coach Marketing is here to help. We are the one stop shop for Life Coaches, offering complete coach training packages through Life Coach College, certification and continuing education courses.


life coach road trip

For coaches who are finding it difficult or do not wish to spend hundreds of dollars each year belonging to international coaching organizations, the US Life Coach Association may be for you. Only focused on the United States and only focused on bringing you more clients, helping you promote your business and showing you other coaching models that may be helpful in your coaching practice.

Have You Seen The Billboards on I-75?

life coach billboards

The 2013 Life Coach Tour
Watch for the Life Coach Bus in your town.

Life Coach Bus Sean Hannity Dr Daliah Wachs Barry Farber

Life Coach Bus
Hendersonville NC.

Sean Hannity
New York NY

Dr. Daliah Wachs
Dr. Daliah Show

Barry Farber
Radio Host for 50 years

Alan Colmes Tom Leykis Governor Mike Huckabee Dr Joy Browne

Alan Colmes
The Alan Colmes Radio Show

Tom Leykis
Legendary Radio Host

Governor Mike Huckabee
The Mike Huckabee Show

Dr. Joy Browne
Dr. Joy Browne Radio Show

Rachel and Sara Dan Mason Tom Joyner Michael Harrison

Rachel & Sara Wasserman
Lumpkin County High School

Dan Mason
CBS Radio

Tom Joyner - Oscar Joyner
The Tom Joyner Morning Show

Michael Harrison
Talkers Magazine

Rocker Life Coach Jennifer Smart Ernest Istook Lumpkin County Middle School

Tim Gillette
Rocker Life Coach

Jennifer Smart

Ernest Istook
The Heritage Foundation

Lumpkin County
Middle School

Bert Weiss Kidd Kraddick Geraldo Rivera Dave Ramsey Russ Parr

Bert Weiss
Kid Kraddick

Geraldo Rivera
Fox News - Geraldo at Large

Dave Ramsey
The Dave Ramsey Show

Russ Parr
The Russ Parr Morning Show

The 2017 Life Coach Tour

Life Coach Tour
Meet Jeff and see the Life Coach Bus

life coach bus 2011 james patterson tomwilson-ziggy life coach bus-Oklahoma

Life Coach Bus
Life Coach Road Trip 2011

James Patterson
at Book Expo

Tom Wilson ( Ziggy)
at Book Expo

Life Coach Bus
Oklahoma September 2011

NAB 2011 Pandora Bubba the love sponge Times Square Jeff Wasserman

Gordon Smith
NAB Radio Show

Tim Westergrin
RAIN 2011

Phil Hendrie
Bubba the Love Sponge

Jeff Wasserman
Times Square

lifecoachbus - las vegas hillcrest hoedown hillcrest-sandiego lifecoachroadtrip

Life Coach Bus
Las Vegas

Hillcrest Hoedown
San Diego California

Jeff Wasserman coaching
individuals at the street festival

Life Coach Bus
Arizona - 2011

life coach road trip - clair life coach road trip - Joe Life Coach Road Trip - Dan Life Coach Road Trip - Cynthia

Jeff coaching Clair
San Diego Ca.

Jeff coaching Joe
Hillcrest Street Festival

Jeff Wasserman
coaching Dan

Jeff coaching
Trulese of Candy'ego

Larry King - Jeff Wasserman Andy Dean - Jeff Wasserman mayor of Los Angeles bill handle - Jeff Wasserman

Jeff and Larry King
Radio Summit 2011

Jeff Wasserman and
Andy Dean

Antonio Villaraigosa

Bill Handle
Jeff Wasserman

hillcrest street festival san diego - donna hillcrest street festival hillcrest street festival - dolly

Jeff coaches
David and Jonathan

Jeff coaches

Hillcrest Street Festival

Jeff coaches Dolly
San Diego California

Jeff Wasserman - Life Coach Road Trip

Jeff Wasserman will be touring the United States in the Life Coach Bus in 2017. The Life Coach Bus will be traveling from city to city, hoping to meet as many people as possible.

If you own or operate a business and would like the Life Coach Bus to visit, please call Jeff at 800-841-8776. Jeff will be broadcasting his radio show, Life Coach Radio Show live from each stop.

If you are a Life Coach and looking to increase your business and align your practice with the most talked about Life Coach in the business, please call Life Coach Marketing at 706-864-5025.

Jeff loves to visit fairs, street festivals, special events, carnivals, anywhere there is a large gathering of people. If you are responsible for organizing an event in your town, please consider inviting the Life Coach Bus to visit.

Are you a radio program director or station manager? Looking to create buzz or bring new content to your station? Jeff is looking to work with a terrestrial radio station, both on air and special events. Please call Jeff at 800-841-8776 to discuss your ideas and thoughts.

Have you ever met a Life Coach? Do you know what a Life Coach can do for you? Jeff posts his schedule well in advance. If you live in a town where the Life Coach Bus will be visiting, please come out and talk to Jeff. He is always looking to offer his coaching services to his guests and callers

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Jeff Wasserman is the Voice of Life Coaching. If you are in the media and need a quote, someone to interview or a fill in host for a local radio show, please contact Jeff at 800-841-8776 or if you wish to email, please email Jeff at


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