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What is Life Coach Technology?

Have you ever wondered how Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others came up with the idea and vision to build and design computers? Truth is, they mimic people, we are not like computers, they are like us. The web cam is the eyes, the mouse and keyboard are the hands and the internal processor is the brain.

So many things that drive us crazy about our computers are similar to our life stresses we endure on a regular basis. They even pick up viruses and bugs and from time to time, need to go to the computer doctor.

Think about this, when we get stressed out and can't function, we talk about needing time off from work, a vacation, time for ourselves to clear our mind. When my computer is overloaded and running slow, I defrag and delete cookies and temporary files.

When my computer is acting up, I reboot it. In life, when I am overloaded, I go out and do something healthy to clear my mind, take a vacation or sit in a rocking chair and relax.

In Coaching, we use dynamics or patterns of life to discover and visualize our challenges. Once we see the true issue or dynamic that is causing us to make the choices we sometimes make and then regret, it is so much easier to learn to make better choices and avoid the hurdles and pitfalls in life.

In all my years of coaching, I have found that most people are searching for four things. They are seeking to be happy, healthy, reasonably successful and have meaningful relationships. Does this sound familiar to you? Are you seeking the same things in life?

So how do we get these things? We get there by visualizing that we can, believing that we can and making the right choices. We achieve these goals one step at a time.

There are four areas of our lives or dynamics that effect the outcome of our decisions more than anything else.

These four areas are:

Are we trying to force an outcome or response? Meaning we want it our way, not the way the universe is responding.

Are we acting out of motivation or manipulation? Meaning are we acting out of love or fear?

Are we accepting and seeing things clearly? Is our ego and life patterns getting in the way of seeing things clearly?

Are we attempting to hold on to the past, instead of letting go to gain perspective? Are we holding on out of a sense of guilt?

Once we explore your situation and then look to see if any of these areas of life resonate with you, it is amazing how much clearer life becomes and how easy it is to make your own wise choices and decisions.

Consider this a software upgrade, Life Coaching 2.0. We can use this information to coach you in the right direction in a matter of minutes.

If your would like to find out more, please read through the web site and check back often. I will be discussing this further on my radio show, Life Coach Radio.

If you have a specific question, please feel free to call me at 800-841-8776.

Thank you,

Jeff Wasserman
Life Coach Media


15 minutes of life coaching with Jeff Wasserman

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