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Meet Jeff Wasserman,

Hey, that's me. Yes, I am a hands on kind of guy, I am a life long learner and I love to do things myself. That is why I am building this website myself in my spare time.

First, I want to thank you for visiting my site. You may know me from other businesses that I own and manage or you may have found me while surfing the web. Either way, I am glad your here and want to make you feel welcome.

My life has taken me along a course full of bumps and turns. It has been an interesting ride and I hope to be able to share some of my successes and failures with you. I have owned and operated more businesses than most people experience in a life time. I have been a professional Life Coach for more than 10 years and have met many famous and interesting people along the way.

Let me start at the beginning. I was born in St. Louis Missouri. When I was in middle school, or as we called it back then, junior high school, my parents came home one day and told me that we were moving to Florida. I was the youngest child of five, so I had little choice.

I remember telling my dad that I did not want to move. He said something to me that I think about every time I give a speech. He said, "son, I hope you find a good job and a nice home, but the realtor is coming by at 4 pm today after school to put up the for sale sign." Next thing you know, I was in the back seat of the station wagon on the way to Florida."

I was not excited about starting a new school, making new friends and settling down in a new city. I wish I had a Life Coach back then to talk to. I was limiting my opportunities, holding on to the past and trying to force an outcome. I pretty much had my mind made up before we moved.

I had grown up with an entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. I always knew I would be self employed, I am not sure why, but I always knew that much.

When I started high school, I found it less than exciting. I was not into the social scene, I was focused on graduating and entering the real world. My favorite thing to do was look for ways to make a buck and learn about self help and personal development. I was fixated on self help books and tapes. I found personal development and personal growth fascinating.

When I went to college, I was torn between psychology and business. I quickly went through college and received two degrees. I graduated from college and formed my first corporation by the time I was 20.

During my high school and college years, I loved to listen to talk radio. Not the political guys who shout into the radio, but I liked Bruce Williams and Sally Jessy Raphael on NBC Talknet. Bruce was on from 7 pm till 10 pm. I listened to his show nightly and learned so much.

One thing I always asked myself, why doesn't someone offer business and personal advice. Bruce offered business and finance advice and Sally offered personal and relationship advice. Through the years, all the talk show host focused on one area Today Clark Howard focuses on deals and not getting ripped off, Dave Ramsey, a faith based money guy has a syndicated talk radio show, but you can't ask these guys about life and relationships. Then we have Delilah and Dr. Laura, imagine asking these relationship experts about finance?

Then in 2003, the Life Coaching community lost our leader, Thomas Leonard, the visionary of the Life Coach movement and the father of Life Coaching, passed away suddenly at the age of 47.

During the past 8 years, I have seen a real need for someone to step up to the plate and be the next visionary, the next "face for the profession." I decided to be that person, to become the "voice of Life Coaching." I decided to dedicate my time and energy and financial resources to promote Life Coaching.

The best way for me to promote Life Coaching and take Coaching to the people is to make live appearance, to put on events. At the same time, no one in talk radio has taken on the challenge of offering coaching or advice in all areas of your life.

In April 2011, I purchase a Fleetwood RV, had it professionally wrapped and we call it the Life Coach Bus or as some local Dahlonega residents say, " the big blue bus."

I am visioning taking the Life Coach Bus on the road, going from city to city, town to town, meeting the people and helping those who need it most. I am not charging anything, in fact, I am giving away free gifts along the way. I am going to be hosting a talk radio show, live from each stop, interviewing people, as well as having folks call in from all over the country.

This is a real grass roots idea, it is a vision that has been with me for years. 2011-2012 will be an exciting time in my life and I am sure a real eye opener. I want to grow the listening audience one person at a time. Time is my biggest challenge, like most people, I own several businesses and finding time away to be on the road is difficult.

I am starting the road trip in the Atlanta area during the summer of 2011, and taking the bus on the road in the fall of 2011. I plan to be in Las Vegas for a coaching convention in September with the Life Coach Bus. Spring of 2012, the bus will travel from California back to the east coast and by the end of 2012, back to Dahlonega Georgia.

If you wish to get involved in the Life Coach Road Trip, please call me or email me. If you own a business or teach a class and wish to have the Life Coach Bus & Radio Show visit you, please send me an email. We are looking for events, businesses and school to visit along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and my life. I would love to hear about yours. If you live in the Atlanta area, please check back often and come out and meet me in person.


Jeff Wasserman
Life Coach Media & Life Coach Radio


15 minutes of life coaching with Jeff Wasserman

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