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There are many coaching programs available on line. People ask me all the time, which one is right for me. My answer is always the same, if depends on what you plan to do with your coaching skills.

If you are looking to coach your friends for free, then you could just buy a couple of good coaching books and give it a try. If you wish to use coaching skills and methods in your job, career, business or classroom, then my new program at Life Coach College may be a perfect fit.

Starting in February 2012, Life Coach College will be offering a $499 on line and on the phone Life Coach training course. This 60 hour coaching course along with the required reading material, will give you the basic framework and education to start coaching.

If you are looking to coach in Corporate America or looking to charge $500 to $1,000 a month, then you need to look at traditional coach training. These programs range from 16 weeks to 1 year and offer the educational side of coaching as well as the practical experience needed to be an affective Life Coach.

Still confused? Call me at 1-800-841-8776 and I will discuss your specific needs with you, at no charge.

People often ask me, why go to " your school," I tell them all the same thing, with my organization, it is a vertical operation, you become part of the family, it is more than just signing up for Life Coaching Training.



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